Define & Rock Your Bridal Style

This month, pick yourself up a CNY Woman Magazine at a Wegmans (and lots of other places) and enjoy a great magazine about Central New York’s movin’ and shakin’ amazing women and what they are doing all around us. I had the honor and pleasure of writing an article for CNY brides (so cool!), helping you to find your bridal style- Why? Because it will help one of the best things you can do for a happy planning process. Check out page 42 for a great layout of Kimberly Cook’s Big Paw Photography and words by moi. But today I’d like to fill it out a little bit, give you some more tips and give you more real style examples (thanks Alice, Mabyn and Tom!) So let’s jump in!

Which bride style description goes best with who you are and the way you express yourself?

The Classic Bride: You want your wedding to be timeless, nothing too much of the now, the past, or the future. You love the wedding traditions, veil, garter, cake and all the bows that come with them. Your tastes are clean and understated, enduring the test of time.

Some words that might describe your wedding vision: Clean, Fresh, Simplistic, Natural, Effortless

 Alice G. Patterson Photography

The Modern Bride: You are fashion-forward, trendy to the hilt. You are bold, embracing color, and rejecting the cookie-cutter wedding. You might embrace all the wedding traditions, but you’re gonna do it in a way that’s contemporary and chic.

Your words?: Sleek, (maybe even sexy!), Fashionable, Styled, Glamorous, Bold

Tom Harmon Photography

The Romantic Bride: You see your wedding day in soft focus. Whether you’re a fairy princess or a Grecian goddess, there is something whimsical about your vision. You expect magic to happen on your wedding day.

Your words might be: Lovely, Sparkling, Flowy, Lush, Effervescent

Alice G. Photography/ Mabyn Ludke Photography

The Artistic Bride: You define yourself in artistic choices. Same for your wedding. Who cares about budgets, it’s time to start designing your dress! You’re eclectic, sometimes abstract, and you’re ok breaking the rules—it’s all for the sake of art!

You probably don’t need help with words. (Quirky, Emotional (in a good way!), Expressive, Passionate, Creative- just in case.)

Alice G Patterson Photography / Mabyn Ludke Photography / Tom Harmon Photography

The Dramatic Bride: No, you’re not a bridezilla, you’re just excited about the production! You are a bride that’s always dreamt of a themed wedding, whether it’s country or vampire, you can’t wait to bring together all the pieces of your vision- and then star in the role of a lifetime.

Drama is full of words! Funky, Vibrant, Extreme, Edgy, Spontaneous, Unexpected, Alive!

Mabyn Ludke Photography

How to Apply Your Full-On STYLE?

Once you have a style that best suits you, go pull up pintrest, all your magazine cut outs, all your tabbed pages (don’t worry, I already know you’re obsessed) and delete all the ones that don’t match your style. They can still be pretty and creative and still not right for your wedding. (If you can’t part with them, start a file for special occasions in the future, and pop ‘em in!)

Lastly, efficiently describe your day in 3 words– I’m sorry- what?!

Yes, 3 words. But first, start with all the words you can handle. Grab your journal and write down every word that comes to mind when you think of your wedding. Even words that describe the look (design) of your wedding, like rustic, vintage, contemporary, shabby-chic. No limits. The tricky part though will be to discern what is a style word and what describes your look, your love, your dress, or (dingdingding) your style. (This will be so helpful, I’m so excited for you!)

Then take a look at all the images you’ve saved for inspiration and describe those images.

Taking a look at all the words you’ve accumulated, which three best describe your day? I suggest 2 adjectives and one verb. For example, a Romantic bride might describe her day as: Luxurious, Delightful, Sweeping.

Anytime you have a decision to make, check back with your style definition. Does that cake design go with a Modern Bride for an edgy, urban and surprising wedding? Deciphering tools like this will keep you from getting overwhelmed by the wide world of weddings, and truly hone in on you and your sweetheart and the day that captures your love.

So what style bride are you? (I’m a Romantic Bride with an inspiring, lovely and dancing wedding day!)


Happy Planning!


  1. Hi Kate… I love this post. While there is always some overlap in wedding traditions, I always love to see how each bride and groom define their own personal style and atmosphere of their wedding making it unique to them!

  2. Juliana says:

    Oh my lanta Amy these shots make me want to redo my wedding just like this one. So peecufal and beautiful and natural. You captured the essence of their day in a remarkable way friend. Way to go again. If I ever renew my vows to Tim, we’ll plan it around you:) Love,me


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