{love.local} lovegiveswell gratitude and generosity

Our incredible gifted wedding went off with flying colors! Our bride and groom were married in style, their guests enjoyed offerings that surprised and delighted them, and everywhere you looked that day, there was an outpouring of generosity, talent and love. I can’t wait to show you the wedding in all its glory, it truly was magical. But even greater than our sense of accomplishment is our gratitude to the generous vendors that came on board to a never-been-done, out-of-the-box, gifted wedding, and took a big chance on lovegiveswell. Alice G. Patterson Photography gifted her talents to give us something truly special prior to the wedding day. At our final details vendor meeting we set up a portrait session for each of the vendors to get a fun portrait of who they are and what they do. Holly and the A-List Artistry team gifted their makeup skills and gave us all a fresh look! Not everyone who gifted could make it, so they are listed below as well. Here’s tribute to these wedding pros who loved big and gave well. Simply put: I am so grateful.

LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors

[ A-List Artistry Team ]    &    [ 83 & Company ]

LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors

[ Pamela Beth Weddings ]   &   [ Erica of Smock Letterpress & Bella Figura ]

LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors

[ Fleur de Lis Florist ]     &       [ Hair Habitat ]

LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors


[ Leo Timoshuk Photography ]    &     [ Hanna Richardson Trio ]


LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors

 [Chef Steve Landon of Vernak Farms]     &     [ CNY Cookie Delights ]

LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors

[ Mary Schalk Design ]     &      [The Sweet Praxis]

LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors  LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors

[ Cullen Studio ]     &     [ The Landmark Theatre ]

LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors

[ Platinum DJ's ]     &     [ Liz of Avalon Document Services ]

LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors LoveGivesWell: Syracuse Wedding Vendors

[ Tyler Brown Studio ]     &     [Lovewell Celebration Design]

In addition, our non-pictured lovegiveswell vendors:

Mirror, Mirror Inc.

Giovanni’s Mens Formal Wear

Whistlestop Florist

Witty Wicks Candles

Taylor Rental of Auburn

Northeast Decorating

Petunia Rose Vintage China

Candlelight Music

317 @ Montgomery Street

Gentile’s Restaurant

La Dolce Vita Bakeshop

Sugar & Type


Visa Versa Entertainment

Chris Fowler of Syracuse First

Heaping thank you’s, gratitude, endless hugs and big smooches to all those who gifted their time, talents, resources and love. I am so impressed with this community and its capacity to love well. Thank you Alice for gifting us images to showcase our small business community, and Alist for feeling fancy and fresh! ….And they all lived happily ever after!



{love.local} Welcome Chris Fowler of Syracuse First, our officiant!

“It’s the day of the show y’all!” And I am beyond pumped to share with you our “celebrity” officiant! We all know, a wedding day isn’t one at all without a ceremony– and our locally inspired wedding couldn’t be complete without an officiant who exhibits the qualities of a true localist! Chris Fowler of Syracuse First got himself ordained for this very reason! Becky & Craig are friends, colleagues and mutual locavores alongside Chris, (who met at a Syracuse First Buy Local Bash!!) so it made it natural to step into this role– and what a fun way to make it all about Central New York through and through!

So, if you don’t know about Syracuse First (even if you don’t live in Syracuse, the businesses involved are just incredible so please use it as a resource!) or kinda do and need a refresher, here’s some heart about why Syracuse First.

profile photo CF award

What’s Syracuse First all about?

Our mission is to create a thriving local economy by maximizing the potential of locally owned and Independent businesses. These one-of-a-kind businesses are an essential part of the distinctive character of Central New York. By thinking local, we can make choices that have dramatic impact on our local community, economy, and environment. Together, we can create a community that supports a thriving local economy and a healthy way of life.

How do you fit in the CNY wedding world?

Many of the people that provide wedding services are locally owned independent businesses. From make-up artist, florists, wedding planners, musicians, DJ’s, caterers, venues and more.  All of these folks compete with national chains and their marketing dollars at every turn.  It’s the personal touch and familiarity with the people that separates them.  This is just like every other sector. NES announcement

What made you fall in love with what you do?

The opportunity to be part of the positive transformation of my community provides the greatest satisfaction I can think of.

What is your definition of success?

Success is so hard to define.  But, for SyracuseFirst it’s a few things.  First, reaching as many people as possible to deliver our message of Choosing Local.  We are measuring this by the number of people who take our Pledge to Shift 10% to Local.  Our goal is 10,000 by the end of 2014.  The longer view is the change in attitude about entrepreneurship and innovation, switching a community phobia of fear and risk.  We want folks to embrace failure and understand that it leads success and fulfillment.  When we have large numbers of people willing to be the first to try the latest restaurant or make it out to support new ideas and not wait for someone else to approve, then we are on the right track.  Understanding who you are and why you are special is a powerful experience as a human, but just as enlightening as a community.  That is when you stop chasing the popular kids and nurture what makes you special.  We are on our way as a city and as a region, and I couldn’t be any more excited.

TIM DAVE and me edited

Why did you want to get involved with a Gifted Wedding?

We believe in the power of community.  This is a great exercise in that.  Plus, the couple met at a SyracuseFirst event, the BUY LOCAL BASH!  How could we not!

Get involved with Syracuse First from every social angle (including the Buy Local Bash every November!)


James Bass Buy Local Bash Photobooth

I can’t say enough good stuff about this guy and his pursuit of Syracuse. When Syracuse First started I didn’t have the most hope for Syracuse being a place I’d want to spend quality time, but we knew we were supposed to be here, so we stayed. Seeing Syracuse slowly transform, especially with this guy’s initiative, I’ve seen Syracuse change before my eyes. Syracuse First has ignited the hearts of so many, and has quickly become a contagious movement of doing life local- it has made Syracuse a place to invest in. If you ever thought one person couldn’t really make a difference, let Chris inspire you! He’ll be the first to tell you it truly takes a village, but sometimes a village needs is one inspired voice to make a difference for the whole village to do life a little better. And what a difference it’s made on the dynamic and attitude of Syracuse. So let’s give a big hand for Chris and Syracuse First!!

Now, let’s get these two love birds married!!

Watch our social media action for some live action– we’ll do our best to show it off as we go, but there will be full coverage here on The Post in the weeks to come!


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Solas Studio

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{love.local} Welcome Joelle’s French Bistro, The Sweet Praxis & Cafe Kubal

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{love.local} Welcome 317 @ Montgomery Street and CNY Cookie Delights

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