EngagedWell: Registration is OPEN!!!

POP THE BUBBLY! We are open! Registration for the EngagedWell Workshops is so simple– just go to our workshop page and see the paypal dropdown box to pick your location and date for the workshop you want to join. Pay with PayPal or with a cc card, etc. If you’d rather pay with cash or check, just email me (Kate) at EngagedWell (at) gmail.com and we can work it out!

There’s SO much more information to come on the workbook and the workshop, but for those of you eager to jump in asap, it’s open and ready for ya! Earlybird rates will expire and the seats are limited, so jump on in– I promise it will be worth it!!




Happy Planning!


{engaged.well} Revealed: EngagedWell Workbook & Workshops!

EngagedWell_Tyler_Brown_Studio-4It’s here, it’s here! The brand-spakin’ new workbook & workshops (designed by me, Kate) for any and EVERY engaged couple– launching this week! I’ll have so much more to show you and tell you next week, when I make it available for purchase here on The Post. But I wanted to give you a sneak peek and all the details for you local brides to come and see it in person at The OnCenter this Sunday, the 25th! {It was great to meet you DoubleTree brides this past Sunday too!}

I want to keep it brief today, but I wanted to share my “Why?” and “What?” with you since that’s always the best place to start!


If you’ve gathered much about me by now, you’ll know I am a big advocate for love in action and wedding days that lead to healthy marriages. As a wedding planner & designer I am witness to everything a couple goes through for their wedding day. I am blessed to work with so many couples closely, and have been privileged to know how valuable the wedding planning experience is when done together. The correlation is incredible to how much better the wedding day is, and ultimately how much more of a united love there is in marriage. It has blown me away.

I’ve also realized that my ability as a planner is limited, same for every professional planner, to give their professional care to only so many couples per season. In addition, a wedding planner is not for everyone, or for everyone’s budget. BUT the knowledge on how to plan together; how to make smart decisions that prosper your wedding and your future; and how to prepare for marriage in the process should be something very accessible. I am so passionate about starting your marriage with success, so I couldn’t keep this labor of love in my brain any longer– it had to become real enough for you to have in your hands! The BEST part is, depending on the type of couple you are, you can either do it all yourself or you can have a planner in any capacity– it doesn’t negate the need for a planner, honest to goodness! So if you have one, or want one, go hire one! This experience of EngagedWell is an ideology that applies in either scenario. As a D.I.Y-er, (I don’t mean crafty, I literally mean Doing It Yourself) you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to help guide you through the process, hopefully bringing you stress relief, knowledge and fun along the way!


So, what is it?

It is a workbook and a workshop. The workshop is a day long event where we work through major pieces of the workbook to get you started on the right foot. There’s lots of yummy food and beverage AND a professional panel Q&A sesh ends the day. From there you’ll have some opportunities to extend your experience or you can go from there and conquer the world!

There are three dates and three awesome locations in the next three months!

(Can you tell I’m doing a happy dance right now?!)


This Weekend– like in 5 days– hooray!

I will be at the Syracuse’s Perfect Bridal Show at the OnCenter on Sunday. Come meet me, see the workbook, hear more about it! I’m also giving away a couple’s attendance for any of our dates!! (It’s free to come, grab your ticket here!) You don’t have to buy at the show, but if you do, there’s goodies involved! Our early bird specials will extend for a while, so no pressure. Come say hi to me, can’t wait to meet you!

Oncenter 15 PC Front-2

(Please don’t judge my not-so-pro photos for today, I only wish I were a professional photographer!)

More awesomeness next week with a view inside! Can’t wait to see you Sunday!



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